Friday, November 14, 2008

Little Joy Made Their Live Debut In New York, The New Record Is Choice

This week Little Joy has been steadily increasing their presence on the HAD radar screen: They made their live debut in New York to positive reviews, and we've started to really hunker down and listen to their record. Let us start by saying this: it gets better with each listen. The tunes at first seem pretty simple, but their melodies are effortlessly timeless and really stick with you.

Despite this, the songs' accessibilty does nothing to impede the solidity of the writing. There is a more chilled out undertone that suggests a jazz or lounge vibe, and the whole feel in general is one of restraint and good vibes. The more gentle approach is actually quite refreshing in the face of the fuzzed out sonics that are becoming more de rigeur with each passing day.

One thing that surprised us as we perused the liner notes was that it seems like Fabrizio Moretti seems to be really driving the project: he's playing all sorts of instruments, and also manages to snag the bulk of the songwriting credits. Maybe it's a no-brainer to think that a band as solid as The Strokes would be overflowing with talent to this degree, but we're still super impressed that Fab's drumming is just the tip of the iceberg.

In terms of the live show, like we said, it's getting positive reviews. The Modern Age was at the debut show, and shot the video you see above. Sounds like the band is benefiting from a slightly more fleshed out live lineup, and it looks like they're having a damn good time to boot!

As we mentioned previously, Little Joy is currently on tour and will be at Slim's December 9th for the final show of the tour.


RosieLuvsWhitley said...

Wish I could've been at the show - I like the simplicity of the music - Binky's voice is very cute and poetic... Side note: she performed on the Carson Daly show last week and wore one of our dresses. :)