Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's Just Call This An Oversight: The Sea And Cake's New Record Dropped Two Weeks Ago

You may recall that we mentioned The Sea And Cake had a new record on the way. You may also recall that last year's Everything was #1 on our end-of-year-best-of-2008 list. You may even recall a new video from the record, and the fact that the band is playing Great American in December.

So with all that, you may be wondering why there hasn't been hide nor hair of the band's new record Car Alarm mentioned here in the last two weeks. Well, suffice it to say that we dropped the ball, and let the record's release date slide right past us. This has all been remedied as of today, with a hastily ordered copy of Car Alarm on a nice slab of vinyl, straight from insound. While we're waiting around for the record to arrive, you'll have to make do with knowing that you can see the band here in SF in just a few weeks!

The Sea And Cake are at Great American on December 2nd.