Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dr. Dog And The Black Keys Played The Fillmore

You may recall that last week we held a contest for some tickets to Dr. Dog and The Black Keys' show at The Fillmore. Well, in addition to sending the winners in that direction, we at HAD decided to send out a few of our own folks as well to check on how the show went.

By all accounts both bands were dead-on with their performances, and delivered some heavily energized sets of retro-bluesy rock and roll. Not surprisingly, for a Converse-sponsored $10 gig, the crowd was a pretty young one. Also not surprisingly, all those under-21's who couldn't buy themselves drinks made-do by sparkin' more than a couple j's over the course of the show.

Still, you can't really argue the logic: There are few places where getting a bit stoned seems more logical than at a fuzzed out blues-rock show. In the end, that's what the bands really delivered. A solid, unerring, unrelenting dose of rock n' roll. And well, if you missed it in all its goodness, you can check out some videos over at Spin.

We here at HAD would like to thank the folks at Converse - not just for sponsoring our ticket contest, but for sponsoring an awesome night of music at a great price. Way too many tickets are heading upwards of $50 these days. To let people see bands they love at prices they can afford is definitely a very worth cause.

All pics by Sarah Klinger. More over at the
HAD Archive.