Sunday, November 16, 2008

Army Navy Is At The Rickshaw Stop Tonight

If you find yourself in the mood for a Sunday night show (and we know, that can be difficult at times), may we politely suggest tonight's bill at The Rickshaw Stop? The bill features Army Navy playing (we believe) their first San Francisco show. The band has gotten a fair amount of press from being heavily featured on the indieriffic soundtrack to Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist, and their self-titled debut dropped last month to positive reviews.

We've listened to the record a fair amount, and let us say this: there can be no argument that it is well written, jangly, pop music. The tunes are killer, the production is solid, and everything about the record sounds the way rock-solid pop music should. If we had to drop a sonic comparison, The La's would most certainly be the thing that comes to mind. Justin Kennedy's vocals even share a pretty strong similarity to those of Lee Mavers.

That being said, the record just hasn't quite grabbed us full-force. It lacks something in the passion department that leaves us perfectly willing to acknowledge the quality of the record, but not picking it up for spin after spin. We're hoping that the live show will do something to change that. Records like this don't just appear out of thin air, so we're sincerely hoping that the talent that went into this one will manifest its soul a bit more in the live setting.

The Shys co-headline tonight's show at The Rickshaw Stop.

mp3: Army Navy - My Thin Sides (mp3 courtesy pitchfork)