Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anya Marina Is At Cafe Du Nord Tonight

We have to say, after reading The Stranger Dance's post on Anya Marina, we're pretty sure we got the same press packet they did. Which is to say, Anya's people very cleverly scoped out which blogs were big Spoon fans (we happen to know that Stranger Dance <3 Spoon just like we do), and leveraged Britt Daniel's involvement with Marina's record to generate interest.

Which, to be frank, is not a particularly bad idea: The legacy of producers adding value to a record is long and storied. Transformer is essentially a Bowie album, with the added bonus of super tasty Lou Reed icing. In this case, apparently Daniel lent his production ear to an array of tracks on Ms. Marina's new record. So that being what it is, we're pretty interested to hear what she has going on. Apparently there was a bit of a writing slump, and Daniel decided to help her out by sending a disc of beats and bumps to get her on her way. How kind.

Anyway, we're sure you're wondering how this all applies to you. Well, read the title! Ms. Marina will be at the Cafe Du Nord tonight, and if the track below is any indication, she's putting out pretty tasty rock tunage. There's a taste of Macy Gray vocals in there, and when it kicks into some syncopated jamz, well, it sounds pretty fine. She's the opener, so get there early (9 PM) to get the goods.

mp3: Anya Marina - Move You (YouSendIt, click through)


Stranger Jay said...

Ha. Guilty as charged. I'm a sucker for anything Spoon-related.

If you read the finer print, it turns out Britt only produced two songs, but contributed beats to several more.

Regardless, this isn't really my bag normally, but I was pretty impressed with what I've heard so far and was bummed to miss the show.