Friday, October 31, 2008

Wilco: New Song On Colbert Report, Disses Blu-Ray

So, Wilco debuted a new song on the Colbert Report last night.  Sounds like much more of a "rocker" than the stuff on Sky Blue Sky.  The performance is a good one, and it's nice to hear the band in more of an ass-kicking mode.  That being said, is anyone else hearing a distinct "Werewolves Of London" vibe on the main riff?  What's more - the "Colbert" segment of the lyrics - is this a joke?  We'll be curious to see if this turns out to be a "real" tune or more of a one-off.  Thanks to Stranger Dance for the tip.

In other news, Wilco has summarily dissed the Blu-Ray edition of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, stating "We're unsure as to the rationale for the release, given that the film was shot in beautiful grainy B&W and has a stereo-only audio track" and the recommending that fans hang on to their money.  Well guys, while it's cool that you're looking out for your fans: what Blu-Ray serves to do is to increase the resolution of sound and picture, so in this case it would make the B&W even more beautiful and grainy, and the sound even higher resolution and pretty sounding.  Granted, it sucks that the distributor released it without consulting the band, but we're pretty sure the Blu-Ray could still yield a beneficial effect here.  But we digress...


Chris Berry said...

"Wilco the Song" had to be a joke...Yes a rocker, but not a terribly interesting song...cept for the theme, timing, Colbert reference, etc. Jeff seemed to be in good spirits and the band is in peak form after being on the road for a while. New songs at Bridge School sounded good, but need some time to "ferment"?