Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strokes: Fourth Album Recording Commences In February; In The Meantime There's Nickel Eye

According to a recent interview with the BBC, The Strokes will be back in the studio come February with the goal of "getting back to being a band again". While that's good news in the wake of band-stability doubts (ours included), it probably means we're looking at close to a year before we see anything from The Strokes as a unit.

In the meantime you can satiate your Stroktastic desire with the latest output from bassist Nikolai Fraiture: Nickel Eye. The new project kicked off with a bang at CMJ last week, and from what we've heard the tracks are sounding pretty damned sweet. The album drops January 27th, but you can check out tracks at the band's my space page. The first track (single?) "Brandy Of The Damned" is below - would it be remiss if we said it has some definite Paul Simenon "Guns Of Brixton" feel to it? Bassist's of the world unite!