Friday, October 3, 2008

Spoon Poster Contest Winners Announced

It's been a week since Spoon and The Heavenly States rocked the Fillmore, and we're still reeling. As such, we're happy to announce the four winners of the fancy-dancy poster seen above: Sierra Gribble, Jeremy May, Anthony Chilelli, and Ashley Anzalone. Congrats to all the winners! Give us a week or two to get them out, folks: we're horribly inefficient around here.

UPDATE: Due to an oversight involving multiple entries (tsk tsk) Robyn Smigel is now also a winner!

For all of you who are a little sad that you didn't win, at least there's a consolation prize! The band has just uploaded their October bonus track: the demo of "In The Right Place The Right Time" (which is in and of itself a b-side...interesting) - click below for awesomeness!

mp3: Spoon - In The Right Place The Right Time (Demo)


Hanan said...

thanks a bunch for the mp3!