Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spoon Fillmore Night 1 Audio Available

Photo from the HAD Archive

Well...we can't say we're anything but psyched to see this: the fine folks at have posted Spoon's first night at the Fillmore on! Not only that, but the audio quality is outstanding - from the notes on the recording it looks like its a matrix of a soundboard and an audience recording. This means that the taper essentially combined two recordings to create one unified recording that is of high fidelity, and yet maintains the feel of the live room. Needless to say, for those who were there, this is an awesome souvenir, and for those who weren't - you can see what you missed. You really can't ask for much more than this people....except, maybe, the other nights?

Here are the VBR mp3's, head over to etree for lossless:

They Never Got You
Don't You Evah
Rhythm & Soul
Stay Don't Go
Jonathon Fisk
Delicate Place
Ghost of You Lingers
Beast and Dragon, Adored
Me and the Bean
I Turn My Camera On
Written in Reverse
Chicago at Night
Who Makes Your Money
Don't Make Me A Target
Finer Feelings
I Summon You
You Got Your Cherry Bomb
Black Like Me
Peace Like A River
Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
Rocks Off


BayTaperDotCom said...

What? No linky love for the guy who did all the work? Who had the motivation and connection to make it happen? Who got there hella early, mixed, mastered, tracked, uploaded, tagged, photographed, made album art, etc. Ouch! Maybe next time?

For the record, I should be posting my blog entry about my adventure by sometime tonight at

And if you're into this kind of thing, I have also posted similar quality entire Spoon shows from Treasure Island last year, from the Greek a year earlier than that, and even an acoustic Britt solo show at the Swedish from three+ years back.

sfmusic said...

Ah! Our bad, man! Didn't see it on the page! Link duly added...

BayTaperDotCom said...

Hey, thanks man. Hopefully you know I was being (semi)sarcastic there, LOL. Love your blog BTW, and I wish I had access all three nights, but only had that kind of access for one night. I know recordings were made of the other two nights, but not sure if they plan on sharing or not. I'll inquire about that, maybe volunteer my services to track/tag/upload if they don't want to deal. It sure would be sweet to have all three shows, cause I'm personally interested in hearing the two I missed. And, just for the record, there's only one person on the other end of, it's me and only me, a one-man operation, lol.

Hanan said...

sweeeeeeeet. thanks for the link.

sierra said...

yippee! muchas gracias :)

Frankie said...

Can anyone post the Diplo Mix of Spoon's "Don't You Evah"? PLEASE??!! I'm dying to get this in my collection and can never catch it.