Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ryan Adams "Fix It" Is Out In The Open

Cardinology is still a couple of weeks away, but "Fix It" has been released as a single, and impressions are starting to trickle in. To our ears, it's pretty much what would be expected from Adams' current incarnation of the Cardinals: Lots of guitar interplay, Ryan jumping firmly into the upper vocal register, and a pretty "by the numbers" melody. Easy Tiger's "Two" comes to mind as a corrolary. We'd hit you with a download link, but frankly, it's 99 cents - isn't the tune worth a third of a latte?

The entire record is rumored to be out and about on the interwebs, but we (unfortunately) wouldn't know about such things. We're patiently waiting for our download code that will accompany the Cardinology vinyl. Most of the blogosphere appears to be getting by on the live versions of the new tracks.

In other news, Adams appears to have launched his author persona in full. Indeed.