Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning: Have Some Spoon Video

We know, we know: the number of stories we do about Spoon is far more than one could reasonably ask for. It's just that they're such a good band, and frankly, we can't get enough. We like to think that you're the kind of discerning blog readers who don't mind a bit of content OD once in a while. We like to think that perhaps you, dear reader, actually kinda like it.

That being said, we initially got psyched for this little nugget, which is a video for "All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed" off of the band's first full length. It's an awesome little piece of nostalgia, with Britt Daniel rocking his all-acoustic-all-the-time vibe. But, when we discovered that the poster had disabled embedding (boo! hiss!), we decided we needed to get you another video right here and right now. What we came up with is the vid above for "Jealousy" off of the Loveways EP. Not only is this a fantastic song, but the video is an awesome D.I.Y. clip of Jim Eno pouring beers down Britt Daniels upside-down gullet. Killer.