Thursday, October 9, 2008

Matador Ups The Ante On Brighten The Corners Preorder

If you thought that the last Stephen Malkmus Buy Early Get Now promo was a good deal, then hold on to your hats. Matador has just announced that the forthcoming reissue of Brighten The Corners (the Nicene Creedence Edition) is going to be a part of the program, and the benefits are oh-so-nice. Direct from the source:

- Oct 10- 128k Stream of the Entire Album

- Oct 21: 1st Exclusive Bonus Track

- Nov 4: 2nd Exclusive Bonus Track

- Nov 18: street date - pick up the album at your store or receive it in the mail PLUS a vinyl LP containing an unreleased live show AND a free poster

That's right. A free LP if you Buy Early Get Now. The bonus live LP was recorded during the first Brighten tour and scheduled for release as OLE-324 in July 1998, but was then shelved... until now.

Free vinyl, and album stream starting tomorrow. You heard that correctly. If Matador doesn't know how to do things right, we don't know who does. Preorder the record here.

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