Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kings Of Leon Played The Warfield - Setlist, Photos

Kings Of Leon just keep getting bigger. Bigger sound, bigger venues, bigger crowds - everything about the band is pushing in the direction of the realization that they are coming into their own as a force in the world of rock and roll. There are some that seem to begrudge them this, but last night's show at The Warfield said otherwise. A sold out crowd (tonight's sold out too) was right with the band for every moment of the show. They knew every word, and some of the loudest cheers came for the very newest material.

Just last year, the band released Because Of The Times, and gave fans a taste of the new Kings Of Leon. For a band that six years ago was referred to as the "Southern Strokes" the record was a clear statement of a departure from the clean garage rock that had originally gotten them recognition. This year's Only By The Night took the band's direction a step further, and firmly defined a new identity that is serving the band extremely well.

The band's new perspective was evident last night's show in both the setlist and their sound. The set drew heavily on the last three albums, with only one track from the band's first. What's more, many of the tracks off the band's second record have adopted the newer, harder edge of their recent efforts. That sound dominated the night, with driving crunchy bass lines driving many of the songs, and the emphasis clearly being on rock. We mentioned last year that the band truly delivers in a live setting, and this certainly continues to hold true. Their technical proficiency and ability to create intricate sounds in unflappable.

That being said, the band is not without its bits of kitschy showmanship. They've developed clear cut stylistic personas, and all of them strut with a confident rock and roll swagger. When he revealed to the crowd that he was feeling a tad under the weather, Caleb Followill did a shot of whiskey and concluded "At home they taught us when you feel bad, you get drunk!" Silly? Perhaps. Appropriate? Totally.

Kings Of Leon play again tonight at The Warfield. The show is sold out.

My Party
Taper Jean Girl

King Of The Rodeo

Sex On Fire





Molly's Chambers

The Bucket

Somebody Like You

On Call

Cold Desert


Slow Night, So Long


Knocked Up


Four Kicks

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Michael Lubenow said...

Judging from the angle of those fabulous photos you must have been standing right in front of me. Great show but Patti Smith the following Monday blew them young Southern boys completely out of the water