Tuesday, October 21, 2008

330 Ritch: Branching Out Beyond Popscene, Scissors For Lefty In November

Picture from the HAD Archive

330 Ritch is a familiar venue to anyone who has braved the hordes of 18 year olds to catch an up and coming band at Popscene. Well it now appears that the venue has begun hosting gigs full time, and rebranded itself as the "Official Venue Of Spin". Hrm. Interesting.

Well, regardless of venue renovations and branding, the more compelling part to us here is that the venue will be hosting Scissors For Lefty on Saturday, November 1st. The band's releasing their new EP this Saturday in New York, so we're guessing this will be something of a homecoming party for the same release. We haven't heard the EP, but we were liking the new tunes when we saw SFL at the Rickshaw in September. Checkit.


Anonymous said...

popscene has been throwing events for years outside its home base of 330 ritch street, fyi

lily allen @ mighty, blonde redhead @ mezzanine on nye last year, kings of leon @ great american music hall, bloc party @ slim's, lcd soundsystem @ mezzanine, etc were all popscene produced shows and productions outside its Thursday night compound at 330 ritch street.

sfmusic said...

Sure, but has 330 Ritch had any non-Popscene shows? That was more our point: 330 Ritch is becoming a more "every day" sorta venue...