Friday, September 12, 2008

The Walkmen's Noise Pop Show Up On Wolfgang's Vault

Photo from the HAD Archive

We've touted the awesomeness of Wolfgang's Vault a few times, and what's not to like? Free classic concerts, streaming, whenever you want them. Well, it appears that the folks over at the vault are now delving in to new music as well: The Walkmen's show from Noise Pop has been posted to the site. What's more, this isn't just a stream: it also includes a free mp3 download of the show! (Annoyingly, it requires a custom download manager - available for windows and mac, tho. So, not the end of the world.)

You may recall that our expedition to the show left us a little bit underwhelmed, at least in comparison to their stellar gig of last Fall. The band delivered a solid show, but just seemed not to be hitting their stride. That being said, it's definitely one that we wanted to revisit, especially in the wake of the release of You and Me. The set is loaded with new tunes, and frankly: a so-so Walkmen gig still blows about 95% of the bands in the world out of the water. Enjoy...

mp3: The Walkmen Live @ Noise Pop (Click Through)


Tim said...

I actually thought their set was pretty good when I saw them, but it's definitely cool to get the archive after listening to You and Me a lot. I really like the way they switched things up on "Wake Up," a song they're surely a little tired of playing by now. Thanks for the link to the show!