Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spoon At The Fillmore: Night Three

Night three of Spoon at The Fillmore was all about the fans. It was the show (of the three) that sold out first, the band played a fan-created setlist, and the crowd was packed in like devout sardines. Faced with a room of adoring masses, the band completely delivered. The set included old favorites, new tunes, and even a brand new cover. It was a night that perfectly wrapped up an awesome three night run.

The Heavenly States
opened in top form, and gave their most energetic set of the three night run. They seemed infused with an even greater sense of rock and roll than on previous nights, and seemed more relaxed and at home on stage. They wrapped up their set with a killer cover of Jon Spencer's "Bellbottoms" that really smacked the crowd in the face with a fantastic wave of noise.

Spoon's set was largely composed by one of their fans, who apparently delivered it to them on Tuesday. It showed, too: it featured a number of songs that hadn't been heard from the band in quite some time. Rogue Wave member Gram LeBron guested on "Sister Jack", and John Vanderslice made a third appearance on "You've Got Yr Cherry Bomb". "Anything You Want" was well fleshed out, and was the best version we've heard the band play. The encore featured a killer version of "Car Radio" that really kicked things into high gear.

As we've mentioned previously, the band had brought in a horn section for these shows, and they were present last night as well. They really fleshed out every song they played on, but perhaps the most interesting moment came at the end of the set. For the first encore, Britt Daniel took the stage with only the horns backing him and dove headlong into a cover of Van Morrison's "Jackie Wilson Said". The cover was fantastic in so many ways, and really served to further emphasize that Daniel's songwriting really has its roots in some classic material.

As the night came to a close, we were put in to a state of realization that this is truly a band at the top of their game. Their live show is rock solid, their records are both critically and commercially successful, and they are keeping their shows intimate and genuine. To see them deliver such fantastic material night after night is a treat, and can only serve to further their success as they head towards their next record. Suffice it to say, we're looking forward to it.


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kjfalk said...

Just found out about your blog! Thanks for the writeup of all three Spoon concerts. I got to see night three and was interested to see how different the other nights were.

On a totally random note, I slightly regret not getting to see Tuesday's show, because not only do I think "Everything Hits at Once" is a great song, but it's been my toddler's favorite song since she was 10 months old!

Renee said...

Oh my fucking god, I can't believe that setlist and I hate myself even more now for not being there that night!

sitsnexttocary said...

Last night was great. The brass section seemed to be having the times of lives and made the Van Morrison and Stones covers.

kjfalk, my two young boys love "Car Radio," and my only regret last night was that they weren't with me at 11 pm to hear Spoon tear through the song : )

A. Boogie said...

Sooo here's the setlist written out for those who can't read the pic:

My Mathematical Mind
Don't You Evah
Rhthm + Soul
Stay Don't Go
Anything You Want
Sister Jack
The Ghost of You Lingers
The Two Sides of M. Valentine
I Turn My Camera On
Back to the Life
Small Stakes
I Summon You
Don't Make Me A Target
Eddie's Ragga
You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
The Underdog
Black Like Me
Jackie Wilson Said
My Japanese Cigarette Case
The Way We Get By
Who Makes Yr Money
Car Radio
Rocks Off


Whoever wrote that set must be amazing!

GlttrGrrl said...

"Whoever wrote that set must be amazing!"

Completely amazing ;)