Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Sea And Cake: Coming To GAMH, New Album

You may recall that HAD's number one record of last year was The Sea And Cake's Everybody. Given that the record so impressed us, and that it continues to hold water, we were psyched to see that the band has a new one on the way. Car Alarm will be released on October 21st by Thrill Jockey. The prolific output, from a notoriously slow-to-release band, is apparently the product of their recent touring and day to day collaboration. We were waiting to announce until we got an mp3 to share, but...

On December 2nd The Sea and Cake will be in San Francisco, presumably in support of the new record. For the show, the band will be joined by UK'ers Field Music. There's definitely a similarity in the two band's grooves, so it should be a nice combined set. You can be sure we'll see you there. Tickets are on-sale now.