Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scott Weiland: New Solo Record, Playing Regency Grand

Wow, this one sure caught us unawares: in the wake of Velvet Revolver's breakup, and a brief reunion with Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland has now decided to revive his solo career. We here at HAD are actually pretty psyched for this news: Weiland's first disc, 12 Bar Blues, is a fave of ours, and quite underrated. The 1998 effort was produced by Daniel Lanois, and is a highly eclectic selection of tracks that really showcase Weiland's stylistic flexibility. The album's marketing and PR was significantly undermined by Weiland's imprisonment, and as such it managed to fall by the wayside.

The new disc, Happy In Galoshes, is produced by Velvet Revolver produce Doug Green. Given that, and the cover art (which oddly, we can't seem to upload without having the colors reverse), we're guessing that this disc may be a bit more of a "hard rock" outing than Weiland's last. Weiland seems pretty on track these days, and in addition to releasing a new record, he's apparently mounting a tour for the disc as well. Apparently, he'll be a the Regency Grand on December 4th. If that means an opportunity to hear not only the new disc, but also some tracks from the old one, well you can count us in. No mp3s or confirmation of that date yet, but we'll let you know as news develops...