Monday, September 8, 2008

Ra Ra Riot Coming To Rickshaw Stop

Amongst our monthly trove of eMusic downloads, we here at HAD snagged Ra Ra Riot's first full length, The Rhumb Line. The disc is a reasonably de rigueur exploration into the current state of the "indie" rock world, and it's an enjoyable listen. Maybe it's just the chugging rhythms and persistent string parts, but to our ears the disc owes more than a passing debt to The Arcade Fire. That being said, there's the whole line about great artists being thieves, so don't let sonic similarities disuade you. The band has a good thing going, and if you're missing out on final show of Spoon's Fillmore residency, then Ra Ra Riot will be at the Rickshaw Stop with open arms on September 24th.

mp3: Ra Ra Riot - Dying Is Fine