Friday, September 5, 2008

The Microphones Coming To The Million Fishes

Photo of Phil Elvrum courtesy of John Venderslice

The Microphones (or Mount Eerie if you're willing to play the "artist formerly known as" game) are coming to San Francisco on November first. The band will be playing at the artist collective/incubation project Million Fishes in the Mission. No word about the band's configuration yet, but you can be sure that primary member/frontman Phil Elvrum will be in attendance.

The band's fuzzy, warm, lo fi sound has been the darling of critics and fans for quite a few years now, and apparently the band has a new record in the works (entitled Wind's Poem) for Spring 2009. No word on tickets yet, but it's listed on the band's official site, so keep your eyes open.


Adrian said...

It's a bit unclear but I think you mean visa-versa, Mount Eerie's coming (formerly known as the Microphones).

His last few gigs in SF (at quirky venues such as ATA and a high school auditorium in Potrero Hill) have been solo Elverum...and they've been awesome. I'd recommend it.

Also, the people putting it on and that also put on the last ones, Club Sandwich are doing some pretty awesome stuff in all ages, DIY shows.

sfmusic said...

I just meant it's silly when band's change their name for no apparent reason, so I'd just as soon keep calling them The Microphones. :)