Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Local New Release Deluge At Slim's Thursday Night

If you're looking for a taste of what's up and coming on the local music scene, Slim's is your spot this Thursday night: Tartufi, Built For The Sea, and Low Red Land will all be playing, and all releasing new discs - on the same night! All three bands definitely seem to fall pretty firmly into the "atmospheric indie rock" department, but we were pleasantly surprised by the fact that each seems to be pretty firmly defining their own flavor.

Low Red Land has some nice fuzzy distortion riding over some pretty angsty vocals, while still holding onto melody - think Modest Mouse or Two Gallants. Headliner Tartufi is driving home a pretty layered-vocal folky vibe - not typically our cup of tea, but certainly well executed (and voted best indie band by the Bay Guardian, so what do we know...). Our fave of the bunch at the moment is Built For The Sea - the band manages to hang onto some sweet female vocals while still driving home a nice edgy rock delivery. We'd be lying, too, if we didn't admit that front woman Lia Rose seems to be a dead ringer (vocally) for Zoey Deschanel.

So, there you have it: if you're sitting there on Thursday night, wondering what to do, you've got a whole menu of locally-grown rock available to feast upon. Enjoy!

mp3: Tartufi - Until The Ocean Swallows The Stars
mp3: Built For The Sea - The (Re)adjust
stream: Low Red Land (myspace)