Monday, September 22, 2008

The KIllers Truly Sell Out

If Sam's Town wasn't enough evidence to show you that The Killers had lost their edge, then surely this will do the job. The band's latest single, off the forthcoming Day & Age, is about as close to M.O.R. pop as one can get without becoming Kenny G. Seriously guys? Is this what it's come to? Can't we get someone in the studio to tell them that this just isn't the way to go?

What really irks us is that if you go back and listen to the pre-major label EP stuff, it's still really good. It's raw, and edgy, and powerful. And now, this. Argh...

(Thanks, we guess, to Pretty Much Amazing for the "tip")

mp3: The Killers - Human (MediaFire click through)