Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Takka Takka: Migration

One of the nice things about having an eMusic subscription is that it lets you explore musical avenues that might not otherwise be taken. Such was the case for us with Takka Takka's latest, Migration. The disc is from a Brooklyn band who have been around since 2004, and apparently (at least according to wikipedia) got their first taste of fame opening for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. This association (along with the fact that they're from Brooklyn) has left many reviews actively trying to find Takka Takka's place amongst the neu-Brooklyn elite. Right.

All trends aside, Migration holds up where it's most important for a record. It has a solid dose of experimentation, and a sonic flavor that is unique enough to create real auditory interest. Moreover, it manages to temper the sonic artistry with melodies that are appealing and memorable with lyrics that are abstract and open to interpretation. To our ears it emotes the same vague space as The Sea and Cake, who, as you know, are a house favorite here at H.A.D. While these guys don't have any West Coast dates booked at the moment, we can assure you that it's worth your time to check out the record in the meantime.

mp3: Takka Takka - One Foot In The Well (Yousendit, Click Through)