Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Kings Of Leon Video

The Kings Of Leon have released a video for the single off their forthcoming album Only By The Night, "Sex On Fire". From what we can make of the single, it sounds like the Kings are continuing in the harder rock vein that they started with last year's Because Of The Times. Moreover, from the looks of the video, it seems that they're adopting a harder rock image to go along with the new sound. We can't say that's a bad thing: the "sons of a southern preacher" look could only go so far, and we're always suckers for a chameleon.

While digging around for info about the new release, we also came up with a few further Kings tidbits: since Because Of The Times the band has released a number of iTunes exclusive tracks, including the single "Crawl", a split EP with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and a live EP. You've got a month until the new album drops, and we can assure you that these tracks will tide you over. The studio material is a clear indicator that the Kings are playing with their harder rock sound, while the live EP delivers the live goodness that the Kings seem to be able to deliver every time.

Kings Of Leon are at the Warfield on October 17th and 18th.