Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spoon: Live At Liberty Lunch

Old Skool Britt Daniel Photo Courtesy Of Consolation Champs

We are consistently amazed at the awesomeness and breadth of the content over at This time the source of our amazement is a super early Spoon show From Liberty Lunch in Austin. Granted, it's sourced from a tape cassette, but that's about our only complaint. The show is an awesome recording of a now-established band right at the start of their career. Enjoy.

Spoon At Liberty Lunch (Links are VBR mp3s. Click link above for lossless.)
01 - Cvantez
02 - Take a walk
03 - if you say so
04 - irrigation man
05 - not turning off
06 - melted pat
07 - don't buy the realistic
08 - nefarious
09 - wanted to be your
10 - party up (studio version) (unexpurgated - straight from the master)