Monday, June 16, 2008

Spoon Featured In The Latest Daytrotter Sessions

Over at possibly the most consistent site on the web for original artist sessions, Daytrotter has delivered a four song set from Spoon. The set includes the band's fantastic cover of Paul Simon's "Peace Like A River", as well as three of the band's own tunes. We suppose it should come as no surprise that a band whose drummer maintains his own studio would sound so awesome in this setting. Still, it's nice to see Spoon consistently firing on all cylinders, and delivering an awesome set. Our only real question is why "Back To The Life" is listed as previously unreleased. Hrm. Anyway, we know we keep going on about it, but each Spoon tidbit that comes down the wire just gets us that much more psyched for their residency at the Fillmore in September. Awesome indeed.

mp3: Spoon - Daytrotter Sessions (Click Through)