Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Black Kids To Play Fillmore In October

Over at Brooklyn Vegan there's a pretty big post as to the "launch" festivities surrounding the Black Kids major label debut. Included in said festivities is a tour that culminates in San Francisco at The Fillmore on October 13th. No word about ticket on-sale's yet, so keep your eyes open.

In other news the "official" video (along with newly recorded version of the song) for "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Girlfriend How To Dance With You" has been utubed (see below). To our ears the audio mix is slower and cleaner than the original EP version (similar to the Killers when they transitioned from self-released EP->major label), while the video is some sort of "color fight" between some 18th century aristocrats. Hmm. We'll have to listen to the whole album when it drops in two weeks.