Monday, May 26, 2008

Treasure Island Festival Lineup and On-Sale Announced

This past week the Treasure Island Festival lineup was officially announced. Similar to last year, day 1 is more dance music and electronica, while day 2 is more rock and roll. While we're not quite as stoked as we were last year (it happened to feature some of our favorite acts), this year's lineup is still quite a contender. The set of bands seems to be leaning quite favorably towards more experimental and "indie" acts, and (thankfully) Jack Johnson is nowhere to be seen. As we mentioned last year, the festival experience at Treasure Island was unbeatable in both location and organization. We're definitely going to be heading back to check out this year's fest: the artist selection stays away from the easy festival choices, and instead focuses on some really artistically choice independent acts. Tickets go on-sale (with a variety of options) May 30th.

The lineup is as follows: