Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Elvis Costello Up And Streaming

Okay, we're kinda torn on this one. As you may remember, we were pretty stoked that Elvis Costello had transcended the digital revolution, and decided to release his latest, Momofuku, only on vinyl. Well, today it turns out that you can stream the disc over the internets to your hearts content. Cool? Yes. In line with an all-analog ethos? Not exactly. Well, take it for what you will.

That being said, a first background listen while we wrote this post seems to indicate that the disc is a nice fuzzy pop guitar return to Blood & Chocolate era Elvis, which is awesome. Even though our vinyl's on the way, we're gonna go give it a listen. Thanks to stereogum for the tip.

Stream - Elvis Costello And The Imposters - Momofuku