Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Britt Daniel Solo MP3's Arrive

You may recall that last week we posted some sweet videos of Britt Daniel playing at The Belly Up. Well, some kind soul has managed to put audio from the show online at, and it sounds great! One of the oft-mentioned "boom box" shows, the set is Britt Daniel accompanied by a prerecorded boom box percussion track. It includes two new songs, as well as a pair of covers by Wolf Parade and The La's. All in all, a great, great, set. Check out the mp3's below - click through to for lossless audio.

1) Everything Hits At Once
2) Lines In The Suit
3) I Summon You
4) New Song (New York Kiss)
5) Something To Look Forward To / Metal Detektor
6) Modern World (Wolf Parade cover)
7) Don't Make Me A Target
8) The Delicate Place
9) I Am The Key
10) Stay Don't Go
11) New Song
12) Anything You Want
13) Chicago At Night
14) The Way We Get By
15) They Never Got You
16) Black Like Me
17) The Underdog
18) Fitted Shirt
19) The Beast And Dragon Adored
20) Paper Tiger