Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Free Show And Booze Tomorrow Night At Harlot

Owl Mag is hosting The Rumble for a free show by San Francisco locals The Hundred Days tomorrow night at Harlot. As an added bonus, if you RSVP here, there's free vodka and red bull from 8-9:30. Offhand, we're guessing it's not gonna be Grey Goose, but free booze is free booze.

The set sounds like it should be a good one. The Hundred Days seem to be rocking something of a Joy Division/Interpol/Killers vibe, which is to say anthemic vocals combined with tom-tom drums and a touch of synths. Plus, they'll be playing GAMH on May 17th, so what better way to get a taste and see if you want to pay up for the real thing. Just remember to RSVP!

Stream: The Hundred Days - Fire