Friday, March 21, 2008

Travis Morrison Hellfighters @ Rickshaw Stop

These days, it's seldom that you see a band that is completely willing to wear their heart on their sleeve and completely obviously immerse themselves in the joy of playing music. It's even more unusual that you see a band that can do this and also deliver a technically robust set of rock and roll songs. Last night at the Rickshaw Stop, Travis Morrison Hellfighters did exactly that.

The band played a set largely dominated by their album All Y'All - and it fared quite well. The material not only held up live, but was even further bolstered by Morrison and the band's energy. At first we were a tad skeptical of Morrison's overt enthusiasm, but it soon became clear that it wasn't any kind of "act", and from there on out it really drove the rest of the set for us.

We were pleasantly surprised at the band's ability to meet the high demands of the arrangements on the record. Having 3 multi-instrumentalists on board certainly helps, and the band's rotating cast of characters really helped to keep the sound fresh.

Morrison also played three new songs: "Henrietta", "Cruisin'", and "Moneytown". We managed to snag a vid of "Henrietta", so here you go (Yes, we were standing right in front of the guitar amp. So, sound quality leaves something to be desired.):

It's no secret that we love this record, and if you haven't figured it out, we really enjoyed this show. It was full of enthusiasm and vigor that is so often missing from touring bands. We really hope Morrison and Co. get the momentum building and keep this tour going past the current dates. If they're coming to your town, we really encourage you to get out and see it. (We bought a t-shirt, and we haven't done that in like, 2 years)