Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carbon/Silicon Playing The Independent March 20th

Despite the fact that the project has been going for a few years now, this New York Times article was the first we had heard of Mick Jones and Tony James' new project Carbon/Silicon. Upon first listen, it seems reminiscent of Big Audio Dynamite or late Clash, sticking to non-traditional song structures, and fewer distorted guitars.

We do have to say: it's nice to hear Mick Jones' voice down on tape again, and the songs do have a certain political bent that's absent from most of today's new releases. Moreover, the band is decidedly anti-record industry, and many free mp3s are available on their site. Previously, full albums had been available, but have since been removed.

The band now has a new album, The Last Post, and is making their way across the US in support of the disc. If you're heading to Coachella, you can see them there, but if you're staying here in the city, they'll be at the Independent on March 20th. If these old punks still have it in them, we're thinking it'll be worth the trip. Tickets are on sale now.

mp3: Carbon/Silicon - Falun Gong Love Song