Thursday, February 7, 2008

We've Been Waiting: She and Him

We've been keeping an eye on the burgeoning M. Ward/Zooey DesChanel collaboration for quite a while: the combination of the two really seemed to be good to be true. So, to say that we were excited when we discovered a link over at Brooklyn Vegan to an mp3 from the forthcoming album would be an understatement. The song is exactly what we had hoped: Ward's killer instrumentation and production kicked in a slightly poppier direction, with Zooey's vocals doubled up and charming our socks off.

Soooooo....what could make us more excited than a free mp3? How about the fact that under our radar (we were admittedly ignorant that they were calling themselves "She And Him"), the pair booked a gig at GAMH for Noise Pop 2008! Tickets are on-sale now at, but appear to be going quickly. We'll see you on March 2nd. In the meantime, enjoy the tune!

mp3: She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?