Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ryan Adams Santa Cruz Show Up On Archive.org

Much like last summer's foray at the Catalyst, Ryan Adams' show of last Tuesday has made its way onto archive.org in fine soundboard form. Click the links below for mp3s, or click here for the lossless goodness. We prefer last summer's hot hot gig, but it can't hurt to have both. Enjoy!

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, California

Disc 1 (59:18)
Set 1
01. Peaceful Valley->
02. Beautiful Sorta
03. Shakedown On 9th Street
04. Bartering Lines
05. A Kiss Before I Go
06. Cold Roses
07. Freeway To The Canyon
08. Wildflowers
09. Mockingbird->
10. Off Broadway

Disc 2 (69:56)
Set 2
01. Why Do They Leave
02. Everybody Knows
03. I See Monsters
04. The End
05. Please Do Not Let Me Go
06. Goodnight Rose
07. "Casserole and meatloaf"
08. Easy Plateau

09. Magnolia Mountain
10. Blue Hotel