Monday, February 25, 2008

Caribou Coming To The Independent In April

Caribou will be back in town in April, presumably continuing to tour on the wings of their awesome album Andorra. Despite our somewhat-lukewarm feelings last time they were in town, we love this damn record so much that we're going to give them a second chance. We figure we know what we're getting into, and it's at the Independent, so that's a plus right there. Plus, the opener's called Fuck Buttons - you can't lose with a name like that!

The band will be at the Independent April 23rd - tickets on-sale now.

mp3: Caribou - Melody Day (MP3 Removed Due To Grumpy Web Site Owner)


Matthew said...

Look, it really isn't very nice to hotlink to other people's music files. It's quite easy to get free hosting at the likes of Fileden and it costs me money in bandwidth when other sites leech off my stuff.

Don't mean to be snarky, but would be much obliged if you'd either link to the post in question or just remove the link to my site altogether.