Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Port O'Brien Thursday Night At The Rickshaw Stop

We're suckers for the Rickshaw Stop: it's a tiny room, it's close to home, and they were really nice when we spilled our beer once. So, combine that with a band that's getting props from one Matt Ward, and we're pretty sure we'll be in attendance.

To be frank, we know very little about Port O'Brien aside from what we've heard over the last day or two, but what we've heard sounds good. The band rocks a nice folk angle, but isn't afraid to rock out as well. Plus, they're local boys (okay, and a girl) from Oakland, so what is there to lose? See you there.

mp3: Port O'Brien - My Eyes Won't Shut


Adrian said...

I'd get there in time for the Cave Singers and Or, the Whale, as well. Or, the Whale is great and I've enjoyed the Cave Singers album as well.