Saturday, December 8, 2007

Not So Silent Last Night: Spoon @ NSSN 2007

Some would say that it is silly to go to a radio holiday gig where you only have interest in two bands, and really are only going for one of those two. Those who say such things would not be us. We here at H.A.D. heard Spoon was playing NSSN 2007, and were determined to check it out. Modest Moust being on the bill didn't hurt either - they've got there fair share of respectable tunage. We managed to score a last minute ticket for $20, so you can't really argue with that. Plus, Spoon delivered, so we're happy campers.

The band was definitely in "rock" mode, and hammered through a set that consisted almost entirely of aggressive, rocking renditions of some of the band's better known songs. It was refreshing to hear some of the band's more "pop" material take on a more rock vibe. The opener "Fitted Shirt" (an H.A.D. favorite) was edgy and aggressive, and great for the big arena vibe.

Halfway through the set the band busted out "My Mathematical Mind", and let the guitars wail. The song is known for being Spoon's go-to "rock out" song, and this case was no exception. The band delivered a feedback drenched barage of noise that got the crowd rolling straight into the shaker-driven grooves of "Don't You Evah".

When the band finally busted into "The Underdog", it was clear that all the radio play has been paying off: the crowd was immediately on board for the latest hit. The rendition of the tune was fabulous, save for the synthesized horns: it seems like they should either drop them, or get a real trumpet. The crowd love of the "hit" was all that much more notable as the band closed the set with a killer version of "Quincy Punk Episode". At the close of the tune, Britt Daniel tossed his mic to the ground, and the band left the stage amidst a wall of sound.

The setlist was as follows:
Fitted Shirt
You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
The Way We Get By
My Mathematical Mind
Don't You Evah
I Summon You
The Underdog
Quincy Punk Episode

More photos at the H.A.D. flickr feed.