Monday, December 17, 2007

Creeper Lagoon: Probably Best $1.64 You'll Spend All Year

We here at H.A.D. first discovered SF band Creeper Lagoon way back in 1998 when they were opening for the Archers Of Loaf on their final tour. We enjoyed the show a lot, bought the record, and generally had a passing interest in the band. They gradually got bigger, and by 2000 they were on a major label with a single ("Wrecking Ball") on MTV. Unfortunately, quality had declined and the interest (at least for us) sorta faded a bit.

Fast forward 5 more years, and it's 2004. On some sort of whim we go to the band's website and discover that the singer has left and bassist/songwriter Sharky Laguna had taken over singing duties. Moreover he had recorded a stellar EP entitled "Remember The Future". The disc (which was available at the time for free download) became one of those listen-to-it-again-and-again-until-you-go-crazy things. And then listen to it again. So, at that point the band was "in the studio" and we regret to say we lost track...again.

Well, today we decided to catch up and head to Creeper's site, and we discovered that they have released a kick ass album that picks up right where "Remember The Future" left off. "Long Dry Cold" was released last year on Sharky's own Neglectra Records, and we've been listening to it all day. The songs are swirling texture-y type affairs, with many layered vocals, bits of acoustic guitar, some sampling, and some general chaos. On top of that, he's added a killer female vocalist to the mix. To our ears, almost a "Pet Sounds" for the 2000's. Some might argue, but we heart it. It's really quite a treat.

Now the kicker: You can get this album, and the "Remember The Future" EP for a grand total of $1.64!!!!!!!!!! Apparently Sharky (along with all of us) has a bit of a problem with the RIAA, and so he decided to downprice his own label's songs accordingly. So here's what you should do: CLICK RIGHT HERE, spend $1.64, and let us know what you think. Even if it ends up not being your cup of tea: the dude's a local songwriter with a fair bit of inspiration and talent - a worthy cause, no? Enjoy.

Okay, fine, the dude's against the RIAA. We'll give you a frikkin mp3. But go buy the album, okay? (These are yousendit links - click through to get the mp3.)

mp3: Creeper Lagoon - There's A New Girl (Remember The Future EP)
mp3: Creeper Lagoon - Gigantor (Long Cold Dry)