Friday, December 7, 2007

All Kinds Of Wilco

Some of you may have heard that Wilco has continued their free music tradition, and released a gratis EP to accompany Sky Blue Sky. The EP can be downloaded by inserting your SBS CD into your computer, and linking to Wilco's site.

We here at H.A.D. had a busy few weeks, and so we just got to give this a try last night. Boy are we glad we did! As reported all over the place, the CD gives you access to 3 unreleased studio tracks and two live tracks. However, perhaps even more exciting for readers of this blog, the CD also gives access to a streaming soundboard quality recording of last summer's show in Berkeley at the Greek! We couldn't be more excited about such a Bay-centric treat.

Bust out those Sky Blue Sky CD's, boot up the computer, and enjoy!