Monday, September 3, 2007

Tuesday Night: Kings Of Leon and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Warfield

This Tuesday night sees a great double bill at the Warfield: Kings of Leon and local boys Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I think this particular match is incredibly well suited: Both bands arrived on the scene in 2000/2001 and were given decent reviews for their seminal releases. However, in both cases it was generally thought that both bands were relatively derivative, or if not derivative, at least that they wore their influences plainly on their respective sleeves. Fast forward a few years: both bands have seen considerable creative growth and demonstrated that their strong first offerings were not an anomaly, but rather a beginning. The Kings have seen the release of a far more experimental second album, followed by their latest effort Because of the Times which brings a edgier sound to their rock n' roll base. BRMC released a second disc which largely complimented their first, but followed up with 2005's HOWL which drastically reassessed their sound, and removed shoegaze influences in favor of vintage blues Americana. This year, with Baby 81, BRMC returned to their straight-ahead rock roots.

The conclusion of all these similarities is that tomorrow night at the Warfield will be a show by two bands that have the ability to rock, but who have also managed to successfully harness their creativity to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Should be great!

mp3: Kings Of Leon - Fans
mp3: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin