Monday, September 10, 2007

H.A.D. Readers Pick Noise Pop As Favorite Festival

In a poll that turned out to be significantly less popular than the "favorite venue" poll (14 votes versus 74 last week), H.A.D readers selected Noise Pop as their favorite San Francisco music festival. Offhand, I'm not surprised: Noise Pop offers cutting edge music at intimate venues over the course of a course of a week. In doing so it manages to avoid the usual hassles of the festival circuit: big crowds, expensive food, a weekend's worth of time commitment, and an overly corporate/sterile selection of bands.

The thing that surprised me more was the three votes in for "you forgot my favorite festival". What am I missing here people? Comments?

In other news, Noise Pop has announced its 2008 dates as being 2/26 - 3/2, so mark your calendars!