Monday, September 10, 2007

Dirty Projectors @ Bottom Of The Hill This Wednesday

If you keep an eye on the 'fork, then you may have noticed their glowing review last week of the new Dirty Projectors album Rise Above. The disc is (apparently) a track by track re-imagining of the seminal Black Flag album Damaged. The disc an extreme reworking, and the songs are almost unrecognizable. For the most part it works, but at points the earnest acoustic-driven delivery (see "Police Story") robs the lyrics of their intensity, and borders on laughable. While the review name-checks Deerhoof in trying to explain the Projectors' stylistic fluidity, to my ears a more accurate comparison would be a blend of Animal Collective and XTC. In either case, the crux of the issue is that Dirty Projectors are creating some pretty interesting sonic experiments, and are starting to get some recognition for it. Or, maybe they've just started hanging with the right crowd - Grizzly Bear members guest on the new disc. To my ears, though, the new stuff warrants a listen: it's unique, diverse, and off-beat - not to mention that band leader Dave Longstreth has a great voice that's just a blast to listen to.

Now, at that, this would be just a mention of a noteworthy new album. However, for you, lucky San Francisco reader, there is more! Dirty Projectors are on tour, and will be appearing at Bottom Of The Hill this Wednesday. Tickets are still available on-line, so get 'em while you can. The show is a big bill - four bands - and features Portland-ites Yacht and White Rainbow, as well as local trio Sholi. Should be a great show, if not a bit of a late night for a Wednesday.

mp3: Dirty Projectors - Rise Above