Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coming To Slim's: Caribou

Over the past few years, Merge Records has had an exceptionally good track record of signing some awesome artists: Spoon, M. Ward, Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel, the list goes on and on. Their recent signing Caribou is no exception: the band's sound is extremely hard to place, but at the same time oddly familiar. Their are elements of the vocals and experimentalism that seem to draw from the same school as Animal Collective, but then at times the sound is polished enough to recall the Beach Boys. Needless to say, it's interesting stuff.

Even more interesting is the fact that on October 27th, Caribou will be at Slim's. I'm extremely curious to see how their album sound will translate to the live format, and which elements of their sound they choose to embrace. See you there?

mp3: Caribou - Irene
mp3: Caribou - Eli


Adrian said...

Merge's signing of them can't be seen as too inspired as the artist was pretty well-known and critically acclaimed when he went by Manitoba.

Arlen said...

It'll probably end up being a lot like seeing Of Montreal live--mostly CD player.