Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wilco Tomorrow Night

Perennial fan-favorites Wilco are back in town tomorrow night at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. While the new disc, Sky Blue Sky wasn't grabbing me when it came out earlier this year, it's definitely a "grower". More and more I'm finding that the melodies remain stuck in my head, and that the live performances off the bonus DVD are even better than the album tracks. That, combined with the killer Wilco show at the Greek in '05, had me queuing up for tickets as soon as the pre-sale hit my inbox. Unfortunately tickets are sold out on ticketbastard, but one would imagine the usual craigslist and outside-the-venue resources will probably get you hooked up in time for the show. As an added bonus, it looks like the band has been closing with some vintage tracks at recent shows. (Richard Swift opens)

(If Wilco's not your thing, the Beastie Boys are at the Warfield Friday night. You're on your own trying to find tix....)

Stream: Wilco - Sky Blue Sky