Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If I were the Polyphonic Spree, I'd Sue.

In what appears to be an indie-rock cool kids extravaganza, Feist sang 1234 last night on Letterman with more than a litte help from here friends. If you're keeping track, the backing choir holds members of Broken Social Scene (well, duh), The National, New Pornographers, and Grizzly Bear. I'm kinda skeptical of the Polyphonic Spree ripoffedness of it all, not to mention the self-referential nature of the indie it-list, but I guess I have to let it slide. It's fun, Feist's on top of her game, and ferreals: do you want to be the hater? Didn't think so.

Grizzly Bear is at Mezzanine 9/15
The National play the Regency Grand 9/29