Monday, August 27, 2007

Grizzly Bear At Mezzanine 9/15

Grizzly Bear have received a fair amount of hype in the past few months: they toured with it-girl Feist, they were lauded by Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy in the New York Times, and they're all over the blogosphere. In lieu of all this hype, I decided the reasonable thing to do would be to check them out for myself. Last month, I used my handy-dandy emusic subscription to download their 2004 album Horn Of Plenty. On first listen, the album seemed okay to me, but nothing spectacular. I let it settle for a few weeks, and tried again. More of the same. Then this Saturday, I had this urge to hear this disc, and so I threw it on and listened. And listened again. And again. And again. Now I was on a rampage to hear their new release, Yellow House. Unfortunately, it's not available on emusic, so I was gonna have to go retail on this one. Except: the whole album is streaming at their site, and it's fantastic! I usually feel like internet-hype is always a bit of a let-down, but in this case I'm happy to be a convert. The change was slow and steady, but I'm now firmly in the Grizzly Bear camp. This development makes it all the more exciting that they'll be playing at Mezzanine on the 15th of September! Mezzanine shows usually roll pretty late, so it's nice that it's on a Saturday night. It's being billed as a Treasure Island Festival after party, supported by Another Planet. If you're like me, and only going to day 2 of the TI fest, then this'll be a nice way to warm up the night before. As always, if you do like the stream, do these guys a favor for their kindness, and buy the disc. Enjoy!

EDIT: Grizzly played the 826 Bookeaters benefit in NYC, and kicked out an awesomely bizarro version of Paul Simon's Graceland! Check out the mp3 below...

mp3: Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit
mp3: Grizzly Bear - Graceland (Live @ Bookeaters)
Stream: Grizzly Bear - Yellow House (Full Album)